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Mission & Values

LEAD's strategy is based on Client satisfaction, achieved by meeting our requirements and those of the Client on time. Conformance to our Client's requirements and expectations is the responsibility of all LEAD employees.

Quality Assurance System, procedures and practices are developed, reviewed and changed with the participation of all employees in a continuous improvement effort. LEAD's goal is to continue meeting excellent standards throughout all the phases of a project for the mutual benefit of our Clients, our company, our employees and the country we are operating in.
Mission Statement:

"In the Pursuit of delivering our projects in a safe and environmentally friendly fashion, we have adopted safety & quality as our major principles, all by investing time and funds to strengthen our human resource base, while attempting to couple Clients satisfaction with valuable contributions to local communities welfare."

LEAD's emergence as a pioneering regional player is the direct result of a set of values adopted by the company's management:

  • Performing all works in a safe and environmentally friendly manner
  • Using the highest quality standards and client satisfaction as performance evaluation criteria
  • Maintaining an excellent project management system and a well-organized site & operations management structure
  • Allocating all needed human, financial and other resources to attain company goals
  • Respecting local cultures and traditions wherever the company operates
  • Investing time and funds to develop and expand the company's human resource base by training local workforce
  • Making sure that a projects' size will not distract from perfecting the smallest details that will ensure its overall success
  • Projecting corporate scale and expertise in the market place to make sure that peers will understand company's size and capabilities