LEAD currently has a human resource base of more than 5,000 highly qualified and extensively experienced personnel and plans to grow that asset further. The company is recruiting young talented engineers and managers to be part of its continuous growth and success.

LEAD is opening up new opportunities for the eager talent in the labor market. Therefore, recruitment aims at both fresh graduates and experienced personnel to grow with us and help us grow.

Jobs at LEAD provide a wealth of knowledge and skill in the construction field while working with multinational companies. An employee forms the most basic unit of a company, thus LEAD believes that a company's success is essentially what its employees bring to it. As a body, our employees are our cells.

The challenge we offer will make it up to our potential candidates' performance and determination to decide how far they will grow with us, all in a respectful and equal opportunity atmosphere. We at LEAD hope that you will join us to grow and help us grow.


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